We offer Puppy and Dog Training Services. Our Puppy Training package is a good way to get an excellent head start on potty training and basic puppy manners. Our Dog Training services range from basic training to very complex cases that require intensive behavioral modification. We can help your doggie be the best furry companion possible. We offer Puppy and Dog transportation as well. 
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Our son is a dog trainer and does both training and boarding. He has worked with dogs all his life and after graduating from OSU with a degree in Agricultural Systems Management pursued his love of working with dogs and now trains dogs full time. He boards and trains family dogs and has experience with both ends of the canine behavioral spectrum. He is adept at working with shy submissive dogs and is able to bring about positive confident changes. My son has experience working with high energy and high drive dogs and does amazing things with them. He also works with the police department helping to train their police dogs. If you would like to reach out to him, his name is Austin and his email is sigmank9services@gmail.com